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Completely Build Up Cars Business are Still Prospective

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Last ten years (at the end of June 1999) government issued the deregulation of Automotive which globally gave the easiness to import CBU cars. The release of import CBU car will change national automotive market significantly .

Although the sale of CBU cars have not compared with the sale of sole agent of brand holder (ATPM), but since that year people have bought those cars. Indeed, many cars with various new types and models which have never been sold in this country, then they went back and forth over the road to become usual view.

It looks like euphoria, high class society hunts CBU cars and they are willing to wait many months to buy it. Since the last ten years, although the price is very high, CBU cars still have been looking for by people. It can be assumed that from the total 230 million citizen in Indonesia, at least a millions people who can buy CBU cars.

Firstly, the attack of CBU cars made sole agent of brand holder society, who has big market share for those kinds of cars, worried about this situation. But then the realized that the market segment of sole agent of brand holder is different from CBU cars. It can be seen from the price of cars that CBU cars only tried to aim high class society, but market segment of sole agent is more for common people.

Since government has issued automotive deregulation, business society especially importers found the opportunity for CBU Cars as a prospective business. Moreover, Indonesia has big population and most of people want to have appearance different from the others, so many general importers concerned to become CBU cars importers. Based on their long experience, business society can get the consumer’s desire. So, even the economic crisis has not finished yet, the sale of CBU cars still increase.

There are some reasons why people want to have CBU cars, one of them is about technology. CBU cars have high technology in safety, because most of the import cars is completed by the best safety equipment, such as air bag and ABS brake. In addition, the model is nice and luxurious, either interior or exterior, which is suitable with people who want to be classy and perfect.

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