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Ilegal Electronic and Garmen Product In Indonesia Market, Please Love Products Made in Indonesia

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In smuggling world, electronic and garment product becomes one of the prima donnas from illegal products. It may be caused by illegal product can give multiple profit. If the profit margin of illegal product is high enough, so a part of it can be given as a bribe to the official, isn’t it? Is it nice, isn’t it ? Moreover, it will be pleased if the smuggling continues. Astafirullah, go away corrupt minded from your mind, and go away corruptor from this Country Indonesia.

If you walk around in the biggest of electronic center in Indonesia, Glodok, you will see many electronic products from international brand with competitive price. You also see many unknown electronic product from international brand with competitive price. You also can see unknown electronic products, yet they have good performance and high technology. Moreover, the price is very cheap, you can get 1 DVD player to pay only 200 thousand Rupiahs. However , do you know which one of illegal electronic products ? The famous one ? Or the cheap and unknowns ones ?

The big part of cheap electronic products in Glodok comes from China. Although those products imported from China, yet the selling price in Indonesia still be cheap. This condition is contrary to the branded electronic products which handle with sole agent. They always promote as launching the new products. But, what do you think if the product and its variant is new, famous but it has no advertisement ? This case arouse suspicion.

Electronic industry community report that up to now Indonesia still be paradise for smuggling of electronic products. The smuggling of electronic products is estimated to dominate 40 percent in domestic market. So it caused the distortion in developing national electronic industry.

One of the serious problem in national electronic industry is to face illegal electronic market which dominated 40 percent in domestic market. Consequently, electronic industry losses, because domestic market can not be optimized to develop national electronic industry.

Now Government begin to pay attention to electronic businessmen in domestic, by reducing and to eliminate luxury tax for a certain electronic product, and also checking and controlling for import products is tighten.

However, Electronic Industry community still worries about smuggling which can be increase in the coming year. In this case government should be active to prevent it, especially in eliminating luxury tax for electronic product s made in Indonesia, and should control tightly to import activities. If Government control import activities weakly, the smuggling will raise, and electronic industry will be collapsed. Like garment and shoes industry which are collapsed because of illegal products.
Oh my garment, Weak up…….weak up ………. garment industry in Indonesia.

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