Rabu, 01 April 2009

Please warning us the day before......Disaster happened

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This year happened Situ Gintung Disaster, it’s so sad. Last two years may be thought as a disaster year for the land, also air and sea Transportation. The lost of Adam Air plane and passenger ship KM. Senopati , also Lumpur lapindo Sidoarjo disaster have been informed by all media continuously everyday, even in the morning, afternoon or at night. Media everyday last month of this year told us about Situ Gintung Disaster. What seem to be our action ?

Common people said that it just a disaster, it comes from the unfriendly nature . But is it fair if we blame all of these to nature ? Isn’t it that the nature in our country has that kind of circle each year ? There are rain and storms coming at different speed depends on the direction of wind. Worker of Air and sea Transportation have been familiar with this condition. They are assisted by Department of Geophysical and meteorology which has job in concerning with weather condition. But how can be that it still fail ? Why the warning always come after disaster happened continuously.

It Should be not only Meteorology and Geophysical Bureau who delivers warning, but also All of us, Government and community. Government should deliver warning to the people the day before. But up to now we have not known what and how is our land, also Sea and air Transportation system. When and where we should be careful. Also as community We should be care of our environment surround.

That is our country, which always tries to find who made mistake. That is it. Many mistakes have been made this country but no body can avoid it. Until the time, there will be curse and blaming without any excuse. Well, it is true what much of people said this country has been insensible. When it is surprised by common things, it has been invulnerable, but when it is given by big surprises like disaster, then it all rise.

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