Jumat, 17 April 2009

Wow.....Our Country Indonesia Still Imports Million Tons of Sugar

Hai Adi Prayitno http://arrahmandistro.blogspot.com/ . Here we are come again, with an intresting topic. You know that…

In New Socio Political Order, (call Orde Baru), Indonesia have ever felt nicely the self-sufficient of sugar. But lately together with no addition for new sugar mills and the increasing national sugar need, Indonesia unwillingly to import sugar in Million Tons every year.

Last year, Indonesia is definitely still unable to realize self-efficient of sugar like it had ever happened in new socio political order (Orba) . In fact it is shown that from the total domestic needs as many as 3,8 millions tons per year, but domestic production can meet the demand only 2.2 million tons. Thus every year Indonesia should import sugar as much as 1,6 million tons to meet the national needs. Indeed, this year the import volume of sugar will be more than that amount , regarding national production is threatened to decrease significantly.

Government itself seem to realize that national sugar stock should be enlarged, so government through Department of trade issued the license of sugar import. This import is aimed to meet the national need from some provinces. The provinces which got the biggest volume of sugar import are such DKI Jakarta, North Sumatra, West java, and West java.

Government should have a real concept for national sugar trade, so there are not shown at centralization of import which caused distribution lane be longer and finally the price at consumer level be higher. It can be proved although government improved the base price of sugar, but the price at consumer level still be higher than the determined price.

For that reason , government in order not to limit only some registered importers to import sugar, but also it offers to the other importers. The Regional entrepreneur can import and it can keep prices down sugar trade in the regions. The sugar decentralization trade is believed to decline the illegal import sugar.

Ok, are you agree and ready Adi Prayitno http://arahmandistro.blogspot.com/ , and of cause All of you the regional entrepreneur to be importer of sugar ?

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