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Implementing and Targets of National Single Window in Batam Indonesia

Hai Adi Prayitno , very nice to see you again, do you know that :
Batam used to has many bad stories about smuggling, from Automotive, electronic, garment-fashion, to food commodity. Batam also has many entrance to port. May be it is the reason, Why is chosen to be a sample of implementing of national Single Window (NSW). How it can be implemented ?
Batam can be proud for its predicate of city as “ a quart of pepper”. It can be a pilot project in implementing of national single Window in Indonesia. But behind its proud, it is doubtful that Batam will be able to implement the NSW considering the completeness of facilities to support that implementation.
Starting on 1st January 2007 Batam has began to implement NSW. This implementation will later on support Batam as one of special economic Zones, beside Bintan and Tanjung Balai karimun.
As it was explained by Economic watcher, there are six target that could be achieved in implementing NSW there are :
1. Efficiency, because there is no face to face meeting. It means that either the owner of the goods or the goods document officer don’t have to meet to process the document, just submitting the disc which contains of the amount and kind of goods to the officer in the port. After it is checked, whether the result is positive or negative, the goods will continue to be shifted to the entrepreneur’s warehouse or if the data is not suit to the result of checking, then they will be rechecked manually by the port officer.
2. Effective, the cost of document process by on line system is cheaper than manual system. What makes the process cheaper is document service system in port integrated, start from harbor master, sea UPT, customs, Tax and banks. “Every un completed condition of the document will be completed in one place by coordinating with related parties in NSW, he confirmed.
3. Document is more accurate, because by the time the document is checked, not only at good fhysic but also using modern technology wares (X-ray)..
4. Avoiding the corruption, Collusion and Nepotism practice, because there is no bargain in the process of taking out the goods.
5. Having imports database system more accurate, because there will be no balance between the checking goods physically and manifest.
6. Accountable economic data especially the economic indicators, because the data will be accurate and clear.
Well, we hope NSW can be implemented in all ports of Indonesia, so there are no smuggling. Corruption. Collution and Nepotism again here. You must be Agree Adi

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